The Mid-Atlantic Summer Project Internship is only available for the Cornerstone Program



- Students who recently graduated from college or will be graduating in the summer or end of the fall semester.


- Students who have previously enrolled in the Cornerstone Program.


Number of Interns: 3


Duration: May 20th- June 16th

Benefits: Free Registration + Stipend



  1. To understand, embrace, apply and articulate the all-encompassing centrality of the Gospel and its implications for all of Christian living.

  2. To understand and practice the fundamentals of discipleship and be able to communicate the fundamentals of the Every Nation discipleship model.

  3. To understand the necessity of health in spirit, soul, and body, and practice disciplines for a healthy, wholistic lifestyle for the glory of God and their good.

  4. To understand and apply essential biblical leadership principles.

  5. To grow and enhance teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills in the administrative opportunities provided.

  6. To connect, debrief, be mentored and personally encouraged weekly with/by MASP Director and guest speakers.



  1. Interns are expected to attend and participate with all the rest of the CP students in all the sessions and activities of the Cornerstone Program. 

  2. Interns must be willing and able to handle some administrative work and responsibilities.

  3. Interns are expected to be punctual, arriving on time for designated meetings, responsibilities and Cornerstone Program activities.

  4. Interns are expected to attend any Intern meetings with MASP Director and MASP Administrative Coordinator. 



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