The Cornerstone Program is a 4-week summer leadership program that exists to help students be Centered on the Gospel, integrating the Gospel into every aspect of their daily lives. 


DATE: May 22nd- June 15th

max enrollment: 30 students

Class Time: 9AM-3:00PM (all weekdays), 6:30-8:30pm (Wednesdays)

Important Note: Enrollment in the Cornerstone Program is mandatory for the Mid-Atlantic Summer Project.

Cornerstone themes:

Centrality of the Gospel

Fundamentals of Discipleship

Wholistic & Healthy Christian Living

Biblical Leadership

Cornerstone Program 2017 Recap Video

Students will learn and engage topics such as: 

- a healthy devotional life

- overviews of the Old and New Testament

- accurate engagement and interpretation of Scripture

- the relationship between work and worship

- a healthy rhythm of work and rest

- emotional and physical health

- discovery of personal strengths for leadership

- gender and sexuality.


The program is designed to not be a school but rather a Leadership and Training program. Different from the traditional, purely "classroom/lecture" model, this program incorporates a combination of teaching, impartation, group discussions, case studies, individual implementation, hands-on practice and outside activity.